we are


turning ideas into great business

We’re passionate about people, technology, design, bringing good ideas to life, and ultimately turning them into powerful tools that generates measurable results – and value for money!

  • We’re a small team of professional, focused creative thinkers and doers.
  • Hands-on and on-site in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine – the IT-Capital of Europe.
  • Outsourcing where delivery actually corresponds with expectations.
  • Deliveries that adds value corresponding with business objectives.
  • 25+ years in the industry, 10+ years in Ukraine.

We utilize systematic Frameworks in both strategic and creative processes:

1. Plan: Initiate, discover, strategy.2. Prepare: Target, develop, apply.3. Execute: Launch, Evaluate, adapt.

– It isn’t rocket science, but the principle is the same!